Here are some ways that you can help bunny's and get involved in the volunteer work:

  • Visit our rescue! Socialize with the bunny's, clean their cages, bring them hay or fresh veggies. Do whatever they need to keep them healthy and happy with the goal of making them more adoptable. 
  • You may need to participate in a short training with the rescue staff in order to be a volunteer.

  • Photograph the bunny's and share then on your social platforms. Remember to tag our accounts so people know who to contact. 

  • Talk to our rescue staff about setting up off site adoption days at TSC, Petco or Petsmart or other pet supply stores.

  • If you have a local HHHH chapter or other group in the area, consider talking to your leaders about creating an event to collect donation and share educational content.

  • If you have the time, the space, and the resources, consider fostering or sponsoring a bunny.

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